Yoga Club

Many Montessori schools are now using yoga exercises as a physical and mental activity to support intellectual and emotional growth. There are many similarities between yoga and Montessori. Both have a calming and centering effect on the child, both build peace from the inside out, yoga is a process like the work they in the classroom, and yoga is non-competitive placing emphasis on growth and not perfection.

In yoga club at APM, we emphasize the virtues through yoga poses that support individual and community growth. Our yoga club is offered to students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The Kindergartners and E1 students experience a class that is built around playfulness with an emphasis on storytelling, games, visualizations, breathing, relaxation techniques and fun, safe yoga poses. The E2 students learn yoga poses that aim to increase their strength and flexibility. They practice body awareness, breathing exercises, visualizations, sequencing, balancing poses, and relaxation.

Service Club

At present students on the Club are serving to greet children as they enter school, assist our kindergarten children at the end of the day in getting ready to go home, and raising and lowering the flag daily. Throughout the year the Service Club takes part in different activities, such as visiting the residents at a local nursing home. 

Chinese Club

This is a two month long club in which students are taught the Chinese Language. This club is open to any interested E1 or E2 student. 

Game Club

Game Club meets once a month to sample a variety of different games! Different organizations bring in games for the students to try. Children of all grades are able to participate in this club.

Craft Club

Craft Club is open to E2 students and meets once a week from November through December. The students are provided with a variety of different materials, such as mason jars, buttons, fabrics, etc. to make their holiday craft.