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Why APM?

What makes APM special?

Appleton Public Montessori School provides an authentic Montessori education with multi-aged classrooms, Montessori materials, and Montessori-trained teachers. Located within Plamann Park, nature is steps away and we take full advantage of it with nature hikes, outdoor learning activities, and physical activities such as sledding and snowshoeing. Learning is individualized utilizing the Montessori materials to help build an in-depth understanding of the curriculum.

Teachers and para-professionals help guide the students toward a love of learning that carries on throughout their lifetime. Along with academics, we strive to instill in every child the importance of being peaceful, kind, helpful, and caring to one another. Through our Virtues Program students have the opportunity to recognize those and other virtues by writing Virtue Vouchers for one another.

Everything done in Montessori serves as a learning opportunity, even lunch! Students assist within the lunch program by cleaning up after themselves, washing and folding their cloth napkins, and helping to serve lunch. Our motto of “Learn to Love to Learn” is at the core of everything we do. 

Opportunities at APM

Supporting a well-rounded child who loves to learn in all areas and appreciates not only the core academics but also the cultural arts is vital in today’s world. At APM we put a strong emphasis on not only the core academics but also the cultural arts. We offer four days of performing arts instruction weekly for children in grades 1-6. Our Performing Arts Program incorporates singing, dance, and musical instruments from first grade and up.

Along with that all students in grades 1-6 experience art and two classes of physical education. Our physical education, provided by the Apple Creek YMCA integrates physical education activity and environmental education.

Many opportunities exist for children at APM, but they also do for parents and families as well. When you enroll at APM, you are enrolling not just your child, but your family. Our Governing Board, the Appleton Public Montessori Association, not only provides opportunities for parents to be actively engaged in school activities, but also the opportunity to serve on the Board or a sub-committee. The Board and sub-committees are vital in our operation, and help to shape our school now and for the future. 

Parent Testimonials

"We have loved the Montessori system ever since our children were toddlers. We transferred to APM when we moved to the area, somewhat reluctant to see how a charter Montessori school may compare to a privately run one. We were thrilled to encounter well-trained, caring professionals that truly take an interest in each child, ensuring steady growth for all.

The classrooms are unmistakably modeled after the Montessori philosophy, with community space, reading corners, top notch Montessori materials and of course lots and lots of books to incite curiosity and love of learning. Our children have decidedly followed their own passions at a pace that fits each of them best, they have learned independence and are continuing to build on their confidence and leadership skills. Last but not least, the parent community at APM is welcoming, kind and inclusive. We could not have chosen a better school for our family!"

"Have you ever heard “it takes a village to raise a child?” I believe in that statement and APM is just that, a village of great people from the principal to the teachers to the students to the parents and everyone else in between. My boys came to APM this year as 2nd and 4th graders and we have had such a great experience so far. Literally everyone we have spoken to has been supportive caring and welcoming. There are so many opportunities to be involved with the school and there is such great communication that you feel like you are part of a community.

My kids have grown so much in the short time of attending APM. They are gaining confidence, independence and a real love of learning.

They are excited about going to school and actually talk about their day and what they have done. They use a variety of manipulatives for hands on learning. I love the fact that they learn life skills and virtues like how to be responsible, helpful, how to work with each other, how to think for yourself, how to prioritize and organize to name a few. Enrolling at APM was one of the best decisions we have made as parents."


Awards & Honors