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APM Wear from Lands’ End

You have the opportunity to purchase Appleton Public Montessori apparel and build our community spirit! Through Lands’ End, you can select a wide variety of clothing options bags etc. Once you are on the Lands End website, click on Uniforms and then Find My School.

Our Preferred School Number is: 900160706. Lands End typically provides free shipping on all orders over $50 and has seasonal promotions for free embroidery.

Please do not feel that you are limited to what is just on the uniform page (those are just the things we will get cash back for our school). You can also order clothing items to be embroidered from the main site-almost anything they offer can have our logo put on it. If you do decide to order something that is not found on the uniform site, please give Lands End a call to make sure the item you have chosen can for sure be embroidered.